Suzana Gossett

About Suzana Gossett…

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DanceSport Coach & Choreographer

  Suzana, born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is a Professional Ballroom Dance Coach and Performer of 25 years. She began her ballroom dance training while in high school. While studying ballroom dance, Suzana competed in American Rhythm and American Smooth in the Junior Division (under 18) for one year. The thrill of success and the love of dance motivated Suzana to continue her dance training to become a Dancesport Professional, certified as an instructor and professional competitor.   As a Professional Competitor registered with the National Dance Council of America, Suzana has competed in numerous dance events across the country, obtaining several Regional and National Championship Awards. Suzana is nationally certified in both American and International Styles of dance. Her field of expertise encompasses coaching competitive dance teams in the proficiency of technique and styling, as well as creating customized choreography for competition and show events for Ballroom and Latin dancers across the U.S. Private Lesson rate: $85 per 55 minutes E-mail Suzana: dancesuzana (please note copy and paste sometimes adds a space┬ábefore the @ symbol┬áthe e-mail address)
“Dance is a dream to be lived and shared” – Suzana Gossett