Bill Krumenauer

About Bill Krumenauer…

photo_BillK Bill started his dancing career working for a nationally franchised studio and had been a NDCA certified dance teacher for the past 27 years. He has twice been awarded a national Top Teacher Gold Level Award, for his teaching style. Bill and his professional partner spent seven years on the competition dance floor. An ankle injury forced Bill to leave the competitive world behind. He now specializes in teaching social style dancing and the art of the lead and follow. Bill believes very strongly that dancing should be fun and available to all who desire to try. He strives to make each student he works with feel confident in their abilities and grow to their full potential. His humorous style puts his students quickly at ease. Bill Krumenauer is a native Wisconsinite who was born and raised in Eau Claire. Seventeen years ago, he and his wife, Rachel, moved to “historic downtown Cedarburg.” They have two children. Katie is 15 and Ryan is 8. Private Lesson rate: $70 per 50 minutes. Email Bill or call (262)375-8520 Visit Bill on his website for all the lastest:
“Dance like no one is watching and have fun.”
-Bill Krumenauer