Dances We Teach

Dances we teach at DanceSport Studios…

DanceSport Studios of Cederburg offers a wide range of Ballroom and Latin Dances. Whether you are interested in learning the basics of Social Dancing or are aspiring to high level competition style dancing, the staff at DanceSport Studios is here to help you achieve your dancing goals.


Please note: dances in blue  – no teacher at this time.

Updated:  03.03.17
American Smooth (Ballroom) Waltz Foxtrot Tango Viennese Waltz Peabody Swing Family East Coast Swing (Triple Time) West Coast Swing (Blues Music) Jitterbug (Single Time Swing) Jive (50’s Music) Lindy Hop Hustle (Fast Music) Push Pull (Rock Music) Tango Argentino International Standard Slow Foxtrot Waltz Tango Viennese Waltz Quickstep American Rhythm (Latin) Rumba Cha Cha Bolero Mambo Samba Paso Doble Authentic Latin Salsa Merenque Cumba Bachata (Slow Music) Gujarat (Similar to Cha Cha) Country Country 2-step Polka Electric Slide Cotton Eye Joe International Latin Rhumba Cha Cha Cha Samba Paso Doble Jive
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